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Ryu: it’s been 7 years…

↳The Rising Sun: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd 

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Ryu & Mayumi : First encounter 

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[Trailer] The Swimmers with Eng sub

Perth (Chutavuth Pattarakampol) and Tan (Thanapob Leeratanakajorn) are both best friends and longtime rivals. No matter how hard Perth tries, he can never out do Tan. Life gets even more complicated for these two swimmers when Perth starts to fall for Ice (Supassara Thanachart), Tan’s girlfriend, who has also developed feelings for Perth as well. 

When Ice unexpectedly commits suicide at the swimming pool where the swim team practices, Tan can’t keep his depression in check and stops going to swim practice. Now Perth becomes the shoe in for the only university sports quota left. 

The opportunity to finally eclipse Tan pushes Perth to train every chance he gets, even if that means swimming alone at night in the same pool where Ice was found dead. One day, Tan reveals to Perth that Ice committed suicide because she was pregnant. Tan goes on a relentless pursuit to find and take revenge on the culprit. 

Find out whether love can overcome hatred? Remember no one can hear you Scream underwater.

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Hormones The Series EP.0 with Eng sub


Yayyy! The link is working already! Go download it, you guys! XD Thanks to Khaitoon for subbing this! 

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Good News For ‘Yes Or No’ Fans!!!


Now is the answer time, admin will gather all frequently asked questions to make it easier to follow updated on Yes Or No 2.5.

Q – Is it true that there will have a new Yes Or No movie?
A – Yes, it’s true. ComeOn Sweet, the producer of Yes Or No and Yes Or No 2 is working on Yes Or No 2.5 which is expected to be released early next year.

Q - Why Yes Or No 2.5, not Yes Or No 3.
A - Yes Or No 2.5 is not the story about Kim and Pie but it is “Love” that can happen to anyone, any couples. ComeOn Sweet plans to make more of Yes Or No movies if you will continue to support us, then there will be Yes Or No 2.6, 2.7 2.8…and so on.

Q - There are several Yes Or No fan pages. Which one will provide the most correct information about Yes Or No?
A - We have two official pages, which are:
https://www.facebook.com/ComeOnSweetOfficial and

Other pages are managed by fans. We appreciate their kindness to help share Yes Or No information.

Q - Who are leading stars in Yes Or No 2.5?
A - Tina is the leading actress in Yes Or No 2.5. At the same time we also have new faces, Nan and Hongyok joining Yes Or No family, making the story more attractive.

We realise that many fans are disappointed as there is no Yes Or No 3 which is the sequel of the story of Kim and Pie. But we truly believe that the story of Kim and Pie will always be a good non-replaceable memory for you all forever. If you open your heart for a new story, you may find that the happiness will come in many different ways. We hope that while you hold on to the good old story, you will be able to accept new story into your heart.

See you in Yes Or No 2.5. It won’t be too long.

                          source : Yes or No 2.5 - Love You, Baby (Official page)